Big, Bold, Attention-Grabbing Hair

Sleek, straight hair can be beautiful, but nothing does more for your look than big, bold, attention grabbing hair. If you already have a great length, you’ll want to maximize on volume by curling your tightly using small flexi-rods or by utilizing the Bantu-Knot method. For instant-glam, use textures like Organic Curl and Coil Curl from the Bounce Collection to achieve jaw-dropping curls and coils. The curly look is for any nationality and this season is the perfect time to step out the box!

Define Your Curls With A Diffuser

One of our lovely clients came to Indique Philadelphia with a few questions about her customized colored 18" Pure Curly tresses. She wanted to know how to maintain the natural curl pattern so we showed her exactly what to do in our boutique. With a spray bottle filled with water, Indique Essentials French Argan Oil, and a hair diffuser we gave her a mini demonstration. She loved her heat-less defined curls!