LaurieAnn Gibson: Born to Dance-Episode 6 Styling Tips

Laurieann Gibson’s hair on Born to Dance is as important as the choreography! Celebrity stylist Karim Odoms will be sharing his style tips on how to create beautiful, flowing hair every week.



It’s a Boomkack 2 for 1 Special!

Ladies for the classic yet modern Farrah Fawcett first blow dry hair using a paddle brush to smooth and straighten the hair. Section hair down the middle of head pulling hair around both sides of your shoulder, then after clipping away one section start from the bottom working your way up to the top . Curl hair flipped away from the face completing both sides comb out framing the face and shake it out!

 Then to transition into your Irene Kara circa Sparkle inspired hair, brush and smooth hair starting from your edges pulling over to your side of choice . Using 4-6 bobby pins, pin hair at the bottom of the neck to secure hair in place . Bangs should be fluffed for a sexy side swept look . Using a light hairspray, spray and go!

 Born and raised in Philadelphia, Karim Odoms discovered his passion for hair at the age of 14. Two years later he was the neighborhood’s hairdresser working from home. Growing up in a family of strong women where it was all about good hair, style and fashion is what inspired him to create in that medium.

In 2005 he decided to move to New York to pursue his dreams as a hairstylist. After obtaining his license from The Aveda Institute, he began his apprenticeship program at The Ted Gibson salon in the Flat Iron District, with Gibson immediately becoming his mentor and inspiration. Karim made a choice to branch out on his own into freelance working with The New York Post and creating O’Karim Studios specializing in styling, hair color , hair care , extensions , women’s and men’s haircutting . Karim then relocated to Atlanta Georgia reinvesting in his craft attending The Aveda Institute to receive 500 more hours required to be licensed in the State of Georgia , which led to the opportunity of working with Laurieann Gibson on her BET show Born To Dance . Shortly after the show wrapped inspired by the opportunity and developing a great working relationship with Gibson, Karim then moved to Los Angeles California to maintain the locks of Ms. Gibson and continuing on in the world of Beauty. He believes styling hair is like an artist picking up a brush to a canvas, creating each individual piece of art. He has also worked with Alicia Silverstone, Queen Latifah, Tika Sumptner, Sessilee Lopez, Ashley Dupree and a host of models from top agencies.

Born to Dance Style Tip #2

Laurieann Gibson’s hair on Born to Dance is as important as the choreography! Celebrity stylist Karim Odoms will be sharing his style tips on how to create beautiful, flowing hair every week.


Style Tip #2

For the BoomKack braid apply styling cream throughout the hair and using a paddle brush gather all the hair to one side. Starting at the base of the neck begin braiding loosely with the braid of your choice, either the fishtail, standard braid or a twist. Braid all the way down leaving out the ends, secure with an elastic band. Now once you’re done, you can loosen sections of the braid to provide texture and create a messy look. Take a few sections of hair around the face and wrap the hair around a barrel curling iron. Smooth curled hair into braid for the finished look!

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Laurieann Gibson's Hair Dazzles on Born to Dance!

Born to Dance premiered this past week on BET Networks, and Lauriann’s hair was the talk of the town! Karim, Lauriann Gibson’s stylist shares a tip below on how to make your PURE Wavy look just as amazing as hers!

To achieve Laurieann’s beautiful soft and bouncy waves, work with your hair texture adding a dime size amount of styling cream and lightly but politely spray throughout entire head. Starting from the bottom, work your way up to the top, take sections using a 1” curling iron alternating directions for a more tousled look. Once you complete throw hair down shake and dance it out to a quick BoomKack beat. Smooth out crown and frame of the face and go!

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