Custom Colored Halloween Hair

Complete your costume with colorful tresses this Halloween. Whether you're going as Poison Ivy or Cruella Deville, adding a colorful wig can bring your character to life! Love these looks and want it past Halloween? Have your colorist dye your Indique Pure Wavy hair in the perfect hue for your do! 

Purple Hair Craze!

Lately, purple has been spotted on more than just nails and lips. Glamour Magazine’s top “Do” of the moment is the Purple Do! Celebrities like Katy Perry, Kelly Osborne, & Jordan Sparks have all partaken in the purple hair craze! Are you that daring to color your natural hair purple? If not, try our HYSTERIA Collection in Platinum and use Splat Hair Dye in Lusty Lavender available at Ricky’s! Our Platinum shade is also available clip-ins from our STUDIO Collection.

Katy Perry goes RED!

Notice something different on Ms. Perry? Yes, she has gone red and we are liking what we are seeing! This new hue has brightened her face and has definitely created more attention to her eyes! If you were afraid to try a new shade before, Katy Perry’s new look should give your more confidence now!

Superbass Chicks!

We all know that Nicki Minaj has join forces with Britney Spears for Britney’s tour, now Minaj is spinning heads with her new remix with Ke$ha, “Superbass!” Any hopes of a song with Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha & Rihanna? Stay tuned! I have a feeling that something is brewing!

Fall Style: Curls Galore

The curls have it this Fall! Here are 2 styles that are super-easy to recreate:

For soft, romantic curls like Katy Perry’s, the STUDIO Collection Fishnet in PURE Curly is perfect! It adds length and lushness, and to define the curls, use either a big barrel curling iron or hot rollers.

Pay homage to the 80s! For this curly look, mix  BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl and PURE Curly. Keep the look modern by cutting a wispy fringe and slight layering at the crown. The inconsistency of the curls makes this look HAUTE!