Brow Love!

How often do you go to your favorite spa and spend several minutes trying to decide on the perfect brow shape? I was born with super thick eye brows and have always had the hardest time taming them! Today, I read some great news on Not only have thick brows made a come back, but they are the must have for this holiday season. The ladies of referenced Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez,  Kim Kardashian and Sophia Loren as great Hollywood “brow” references. Look Below for more beauty references.

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Style Survey: Indique New York


Who are your style icons New York?


I love Anna Wintour. She’s had the same hairstyle FOREVER! That’s so confident and secure to me.


My style icons are Mariyln Monroe, CoCo Chanel, & Tina Turner. I thrive off of trendsetters, energy, and glamorus attitudes! All three of these ladies emcompass that!


Dianna Ross because I love the 70’s!