Around the clock skin Protectant

Don’t let winter fool you, just beacuse you don’t see the sun, or feel the warmth that it brings, doesn’t mean it’s not there. UVA and UVB rays are still present and can be reflected off of snow and glass buildings, causing damage to your skin. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunblock has a mild, lightweight, hypo-allergenic formula. It won’t cause breakouts, look oily under makeup, or clog your pores. So remember, keep your skin healthier, smoother, and younger by not reserving your sunscreen for summer fun, instead use it all year-round for maximum protection.


The Matte Finish


This season it seems that “glossy” isn’t the only way to be “glam!” A lot of fashonistas are straying away from the usual shine and taking on a Matte look! While Matte lips are most common, a lot of women are venturing into wearing Matte nail color.

Want to try the matte look? Follow these steps below:

1 Exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation of the lips gets rid of any dead peeling skin and leaves the lips soft and smooth. 

2. Moisturize your lips.  After exfoliation, put on a lip balm that will not dry your lips out. A light lotion may also work. (No vaseline or carmax!)

3. Prime your Lips. Take a lip pencil and outline your lips. Some people choose to color in their entire lip to achieve the Matte look. If that’s your preference, then, YOU’RE DONE!

4. Fill in your lips with your lip color. Use the same color lipstick as your lip pencil and apply to your lips entirely. Rubbing your lips together won’t help with smearing the lipstick; its up to you to make sure your entire lip is covered.

5. BE FAB!!


Beauty Artist Mario Dedivanovic also gives great tips on achieving the matte look! 




Brow Love!

How often do you go to your favorite spa and spend several minutes trying to decide on the perfect brow shape? I was born with super thick eye brows and have always had the hardest time taming them! Today, I read some great news on Not only have thick brows made a come back, but they are the must have for this holiday season. The ladies of referenced Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez,  Kim Kardashian and Sophia Loren as great Hollywood “brow” references. Look Below for more beauty references.

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Style Survey: Indique Boston

What is the ONE beauty item you cannot live without?!


I believe I look better with a glow, so that’s why I can’t live without my NARS-Laguna Bronzer/Orgasm Blush Combo.  NARS’ bronzer looks great on any skin color and creates an illusion of a flawless tan without the work of a tanning bed.


Hands down my Makeup Forever HD Foundation, its’ honestly heaven it a bottle. I’m usually a die-hard MAC fan but I happen to be in Sephora and picked up this one since I had run out of my MAC one. It makes my face look completely airbrushed and it goes on superlight. You can say I’m slightly obsessed!


I could not live without my mascara.  People are always commenting on my eyes and lashes so those are the features I like to play up the most. One swipe really makes a difference in my overall look. I use two that are very affordable and in my opinion ‘drugstore gems’. I like Rimmel’s Glam Eyes for everyday wear. It lengthens and separates nicely and gives you a “doe-eyed” effect. At night I’ll usually layer the Rimmel with a few quick swipes of the classic Maybelline Great Lash for some added drama. I find it adds some nice volume and the small brush makes it easier to reach spots that a bigger brush might miss.

Style Survey: Indique New York


Who are your style icons New York?


I love Anna Wintour. She’s had the same hairstyle FOREVER! That’s so confident and secure to me.


My style icons are Mariyln Monroe, CoCo Chanel, & Tina Turner. I thrive off of trendsetters, energy, and glamorus attitudes! All three of these ladies emcompass that!


Dianna Ross because I love the 70’s!



Style Survey: Boston

Who are your style icons Boston? 


“Lauren Conrad because I love how she takes simple pieces of clothing and turns them into effortless perfection! I love the simple, chic look with a twist!”

“Also, Kourtney Kardashian because I love how she tests the limits on trends with colors and prints.  I love how she can rock any outfit even if she is petite just like me!”


“Kim Kardashian and Nicole Sherzinger because they stay ahead of the trends and are always looking camera ready even in casual clothing.”


“Rachel Bilson and Kate Moss. I love them both for their versatility and their cool casual style sense. They’re both masters of street style, dressed down but always looking classic and pulled together.”

MAC’s Paint Pot to the Rescue!

I am all for color on your eyes and having fun with makeup and I always use a shadow primer but I have recently discovered a new obsession…MAC’s paint pot in Painterly as a cream shadow itself, I use it all over my lid with a black liquid winged out liner and a fabulous lip shade and voila!

Beauty Must Have: Fan di Fendi


It’s a rite of passage for a woman to find a signature scent. That perfume that, at first whiff, it embodies who YOU are. And you will wear it forever.

Some women have one. Some women have…35.

Fan di Fendi will quickly become your go-to. The mix of jasmine, patchouli, and leather equals a sensous mix that will make you feel like the hottest woman in the room. And everyone will want to know your name.

Talk about a lasting impression…


Smoky Eyes by Sephora!


 Everyone loves a good smoky eye. Everyone hates looking like a raccoon while trying to acheive said smoky eye.

So what’s the remedy for a makeup novice?

The Sephora Collection Pro Lesson Palette: Smoky Eyes is something every woman with a social calendar needs! With options for either a brown or black smoky eye, directions, and an eye pencil that is as black as black can be, how can you go wrong?

Experiment and create your own signature “come hither” look. Just get ready to stop traffic…

DIY Beauty Recipes

The October 2011 issue of GLAMOUR has some gems in its pages!

A fave article-“Top 10 DIY Beauty Recipes”! Here are some concotions that will bring the spa to your bathroom:

brown sugar + milk= body exfoliator

safflower oil + sunflower oil= scalp treatment

yogurt + honey= sensitive skin and redness remedy

Beauty Must Have: Immuncologie VENOmax




Immuncologie VENOmax product line is a miracle in a bottle. The Treatment Creme is created with a plant peptide that resemles viper venom, reducing inflammation which over time, leads to wrinkles.

I saw this in person and it works! Once the moisturizer is applied, it “fills” the area where the wrinkles are, making them disappear. It may just be THE secret to being Forever Young.

This may be the ONLY time snake venom is good for you…


Cocktails & Couture

Indique Hair will be the title sponsor for Cocktails & Couture! Lianne Farbes created this premiere networking event for online media during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.  Lianne pioneered the concept of a “Branded Sponsored Tweetup” one that was lost on most brands and PR reps until practically every online editor in Manhattan showed up at the first event. 

Indique Hair will be tweeting live during this event tonight, so stayed tune! 

World Class Beauty Tip


Here’s a great hair tip found on

Looks like we’re on to something! *wink*

Indique lovers of the world, what are your great hair beauty secrets?

Curly Girls love Mixed Chicks!



Who said you can’t get moisturized, bouncy curls with loads of healthy shine?

Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner is a must have for anyone with loads of coils! This magic potion will not only fight frizz, but it will perfectly form your curls in no time-if you air dry your hair or sit under a hooded dryer.

And according to one half of the original Mixed Chicks duo, Wendi Levy, use this recipe,1 part water, 2 parts Leave-In Conditioner, and you are good to go!

From one curly girl to another…


Nikkia LOVES PURE Wavy!


Check out Beauty Blogger Nikkia Harrington’s of Silver Lips Beauty review of PURE Wavy!