Iconic looks!

Sometimes we change our hair look as often as the sun rises and sets! But, we have found some iconic figures that are known for their consistent hair look! 

Iris Apfel is known for her signature hair cut and circle framed glasses.

Have you ever gotten big curls and someone called you “Chaka Khan”? 

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Style Survey: Indique New York


Who are your style icons New York?


I love Anna Wintour. She’s had the same hairstyle FOREVER! That’s so confident and secure to me.


My style icons are Mariyln Monroe, CoCo Chanel, & Tina Turner. I thrive off of trendsetters, energy, and glamorus attitudes! All three of these ladies emcompass that!


Dianna Ross because I love the 70’s!



Serena Williams: NYFW Best in Show!

Serena Williams has been making quite a statement at the front rows of many fashion shows this week!



To copy her glamorous hair, try Indique PURE Straight 16”. Using hot rollers, set hair then brush out using a bristle brush to achieve her S-shaped waves. (Hanging out with Anna Wintour is not guaranteed!)