How to Prevent Dry Scaly Skin in the Winter

Cold weather dries out our hair and skin. There are a few ways you can prevent your skin from becoming dry and scaly in the winter. Try a few of our tips.


1. Exfoliate your skin in the shower 1-2 times a week. This will get rid of the dead and dry layers of skin.

2. After exiting the shower, pat your skin with a towel until you are damp then apply a creamy moisturizer. Be sure not to dry yourself off completely. Your damp skin will help lock in the moisture from your lotions and creams.

3. If lotion doesn't do the trick, try a product with a thicker consistency, like cocoa butter or raw shea butter.

Say Yes to Cucumbers

We’ve heard nothing but good things about this facial cleanser. This product is very healthy for the skin. With Soy Proteins and added Green Tea for an anti-oxidant leaving your face feeling soft and refreshed. Also don’t be afraid to try the other products Yes To has to offer .


After Sun Skin Care

Prepping your skin with SPF lotions are a must if you're being exposed to UV rays for long periods of time, but what happens after the protection has worn off? Quench your skin's thirst and replenish lost nutrients to your skin with an after sun lotion. We like Clarins After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care for Face and Décolleté with its soothing sunflower seed extract. Snag a bottle of after sun lotion before traveling to your vacation destination this summer so you can protect, replenish, stop sun spots, and premature aging in its tracks.