Upcoming Boutique Events This Week

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One of the most memorable moments in a women’s life is her wedding day and Indique wants you to look and feel amazing!

Are you preparing for that special day? Come into the listed Indique Boutiques to enjoy some wine and try our Studio Collection products to enhance your wedding day look. 

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Indique Boutique - Boston

Thursday, December 20, 2012: 9am-6pm

Indique Boutique - Soho

Friday, December 21, 2012: 9am-8pm

Indique Boutique - South Orange

Friday, December 21, 2012: 11am - 7pm

(closed 2pm - 3pm)

Five Days of STUDIO!



Clients always ask if they can combine the STUDIO Collection Fishnet with The Perfect 10 clip-in set; well you can! Jonnelle is sporting both pieces in Chestnut. The fishnet is at the bottom and the clips are at the top of her head. Voile! A full install without the commitment! 

Five Days of STUDIO!

Ever wanted to change your look without having to commit? Well we have challenged Jonelle, to try our STUDIO Collection for this work week. Today, She is flaunting the PERFECT 10 clip in set in Chestnut. Stay tuned for tomorrow where she will be showcasing the STUDIO Collection ponytail in Relaxed Straight.

Indique Queens: Alecia Loves the STUDIO Fishnet!

Alecia from Little Neck Queens came in on Friday for clip ins that would give her some length and body, so I introduced her to the STUDIO Collection fishnet. Alecia was concerned that we would not have her color but our Chestnut & Chocolate mix in 22” matched her hair perfectly! Alecia’s hair is naturally beautiful but the fishnet just enhanced it and gave her instant glamour in a snap! She was so in love that she left the boutique with it in.

Fringe Benefits!

This past week we have seen many celebrities sporting super cute bangs! Emily B on Love & Hip Hop rocked her bang with a high twist bun, La La Anthony, as pictured here, was spotted at the Victoria Secrets show with the Indique Hair’s STUDIO Collection Bangs, and MS. Keri Hilson looked fab at the WEEN Awards with her blonde fringe! 

You don’t want to commit to the cut? Try the STUDIO Collection bangs which are available in PURE Wavy and BOUNCE Relaxed Straight!

Fall Bangs... Don’t cut them, clip them!


A new season means new hair!

Trade in your long goddess-like tresses and beach waves for something a little more fall ready. 

What could be an easier fix than adding some stylish fringe to your look?

Bangs can be a little intimidating, but we’ve made things simpler with our Studio Collection Clip in Bangs.

Clip them in when the mood strikes and Voile! Perfect bangs sans that awkward growing out phase.


You might take a cue from one of the ladies above.

  • On Kim Kardashian, a flirty side swept look.
  • On the model in the middle, edgier face framing fringe.
  • On Camille Belle, a blunt but polished straight bang.