Indique Style: The Hair Hump Makes a Come-Back


The Hump took a bit of a break but now it’s back and even more glamorous. Stars like Eva Mendes, and Emma Stone are adding lift to their locks for fab events and you can get the look too!

Want to achieve this stunning style? Follow these quick steps:

  •  Spritz volumizer all over your damp hair.
  • Give your hair extra body by drying it upside down.
  • Make a part at the center of your head from ear to ear.
  • Tease the part line and crown and set with hairspray.


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Indique Style: Dramatic Two Tone


Celebs such as Ciara and Rihanna rocked the dramatic two toned trend. Sample the drama without the commitment. Keep your luxurious dark shade and add some peek-a-boo highlights using removable hair extensions. Simply snap open the clip, position it at the roots and then snap it closed. Make sure you place each clip under a layer of hair to conceal it.

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