Extensions 101: Picking the Right Texture

BOUNCE Relaxed Straight texture

BOUNCE Relaxed Straight texture

Picking the right extensions isn't as easy as it sounds. You want your extensions to look natural, like it is growing out of your scalp. Therefore, it is important that the texture you pick blends with your hair in its natural state or when it is pressed. Our Pure and Hysteria collections are our silkiest hair collections. To blend with the Pure or Hysteria collection, your natural hair doesn't have to be NATURALLY straight, curly or wavy. It can, but if it is not, your hair should silken out nicely when pressed to blend well with the extensions. If you want to wear Pure Curly, Straight or Wavy and are worried about blending the texture with your natural hair, we offer closures so that blending won't be an issue.

Our BOUNCE and SEA collections have been through a three day steam process to achieve the textures. If your natural hair has a natural deep wave or a tight curl to it then our BOUNCE Deep Wave, Coil Curl or Organic Curl textures will blend well with your hair. If your hair isn't the natural texture of these tightly curled pieces, be sure you are able to manipulate your hair with heat, rollers, braids or twists to match the texture of your extensions. Our BOUNCE Natural Roots, BOUNCE Relaxed Straight and SEA Zen Straight textures are made to blend with natural African-American hair when it is straightened. If your hair is a little more thick and coarse than our Pure Straight texture then our straight textures in the BOUNCE and SEA collections will work well for you.

The same rules that apply to our Pure and Hysteria collections apply to our BOUNCE Beach Wave and SEA Tahitian curl extensions. These textures shouldn't have heat applied to them, however, you can apply heat to your natural hair to blend with these curl patterns. If your natural hair is fine or silky (or a similar texture can be achieved when heat is applied), simply curl it to match the texture.

One-On-One Indique Time!

At Indique we are all about empowering and educating women about their extension choice and ultimately hair care. When a client came to Indique Philadelphia for maintenance tips on her 18" BOUNCE Coil Curl, we were more than happy to give her a live consultation using the products right in our boutique.

1. Prep the hair by misting it with water, or a leave-in conditioning spray.
2. Distribute French Argan Oil evenly while focusing on the ends of the hair.
3. Detangle hair using a brush, wide tooth comb, or fingers.
4. Allow hair to air dry or use a diffuser for maximum definition.
We showed our client how to revive her Bounce Coil Curls in no time! 

We're Listening to...

The funk soul-stress has a new video for the "Lovers in the Parking Lot" track from her True EP. The mellow video shows Solange in glow in the dark ensembles and her curly mane, all while mixing monochromatic trends with metallic flare! If your looking to have full curls that bounce like Solange's in this video, the BOUNCE Coil Curl in 18" will do the job!  

Solange Graces the Cover of Complex

Solange flaunts her hot bod and hot hair on the newest issue of Complex Mag. BIG Curly hair is a summer essential for this upcoming season. Textured hair is perfect for the summer because it allows little to no heat manipulation to your natural hair. No need to bring out the flat iron this season. No more slaving over the mirror straightening out your natural hair so it blends with the straight or wavy extensions. A spray bottle filled with water for daily maintenance for the extensions and a small wave wand for height and volume are all you need. Try any of Indique's curly textures like PURE Curly, BOUNCE Deep Wave, BOUNCE Coil Curl, or BOUNCE Organic Curl to achieve this look. 

Protect and Guard Your Edges

Ladies beware of "halo perming" and opt for a more natural weave texture to effortlessly blend with your natural curly edges. Check out Juicy Mag's article about the dangers of "just perming your edges". With full luscious curls being the trend this upcoming summer, take advantage of the time to rock your leave out in it's natural state. Try our Product of the Month PURE Curly, or our two textures from the BOUNCE Collection: Coil Curl or Organic Curl


Photo Credit: Criloura

Product of the Month: BOUNCE Coil Curl 14"!

BOUNCE Coil Curl in 14" is Indique's Product of the Month for January, 2013!

Coil Curl from the BOUNCE Collection has undergone a special 3-day steam curling process that gives you a heavily textured and full look. These luscious curls have a unique coiled pattern that allows you to create a gorgeous tightly curled hairstyle or brush through for a natural afro-inspired style!

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