FALL MUST HAVE: Cap toe shoes




Fall is officially here! It’s that time to decide what trends will we fall in love with or just leave it on the runway. A huge trend this season are cap toe shoes.

This trend adds a little attitude to any simple outfit. We took note of the cap toe pump as an essential footwear choice for spring and now the trendy metal detail is carrying over to the colder seasons. 

While the two-tone look reminds us of a pair of classic Chanel flats, designers have taken this signature style and transformed it in their own way.

Indique Style: Sleek & Polished

Play up your center part with a sleek and polished look. Blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush and then straighten your strands using a flat iron. Sometimes it can be difficult creating that perfect middle part so this tip should do the job: Use the bridge of your nose as a guide to make sure you’re in the center then, us a fine tooth comb to precisely make your middle part.

To get this look try Indique’s HYSTERIA Collection in 10 inches.