Ways to Style Indique's Product of the Month PURE Wavy


Indique's PURE Wavy texture is very versatile. The PURE collection is completely natural, so you are able to flat iron it straight and still be able to regain the original curl pattern. 

PURE Wavy is one of many celebrities favorite hair textures, so let's see how they wear PURE Wavy in their own unique way. 
Ciara is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" in a fun ponytail with a braid.  

Ciara is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" in a fun ponytail with a braid.  

Rihanna is wearing two tubes of custom colored PURE Wavy 24"

Rihanna is wearing two tubes of custom colored PURE Wavy 24"

Jennifer Hudsons rocks a sassy short cut using Indique's PURE Wavy 10" 

Jennifer Hudsons rocks a sassy short cut using Indique's PURE Wavy 10" 

   Azealia Banks Is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" with a custom color.


Azealia Banks Is wearing Indique's PURE Wavy 30" with a custom color.

Show us how you wear Indique's PURE Wavy using the hashtags #indiquehair #PUREWavy . To shop PURE Wavy click here. 

PURE Wavy in 16” is Indique’s Product of the Month for April, 2015!

It's that time again! We've decided on the highlight product for the month of April. This month, all of our lovely clients have the opportunity to receive 15% off of PURE Wavy 16". PURE Wave is one of the favorite hair textures for many of our celebrities clients. Easter is approaching quickly, you should try PURE Wavy for your Easter hair style.

Indique’s PURE Wavy texture is very versatile. This hair can be worn in one length or in layers. The natural wave pattern is simply gorgeous. This hair also holds curls beautifully and flat irons smooth and straight. PURE Wavy has a signature fall pattern that creates effortless movement and outstanding body. Each tube contains approximately 4 oz of hair. Shop online using the promo code PW1615 receive your discount. 

Mila Loves Long Layers!


Mila Kunis has the look that almost every woman wants, long, luscious layers!

To look red carpet ready everyday, Allure.com says “make sure your stylist snips away at the ends of each layer, so they’re wispy and a bit rough; otherwise, the cut will lose its soft, seductive quality”.


Kim K's Sultry Look!

Kim Kardashian is constantly making headlines, the newly engaged celeb is known for her sultry look and draw dropping hair.           

Want Kim K’s luscious locks?

Simple! Try Indique’s Pure Wavy in 20” or 24”. Just blow it out, set with velcro rollers, and tousle.  The 20.5 carat Lorraine Schwartz ring not included 

Indique Style: J.Hud's "Where You At?"


After Jennifer Hudson revealed her amazing Weight Watchers body she’s been everywhere! Her album is on the way and she’s been promoting. J.Hud snapped some shots recently on her video set for her upcoming single “Where You At?” and she’s flaunting incredible hair. For her new video she’s rocking full luxurious waves.

Achieve J.Hud’s look with Indique’s Pure Collection in Wavy 20 inches and curl it with a large barrel curling iron!

Indique Style: Jennifer Hudson's New Look & New Album


Jennifer Hudson just released the artwork for her latest Album called “I Remember Me.” The album is set to launch on March 22nd and we’re excited to hear if he sound changes along with her look. She’s flaunting her amazing new figure and gorgeous hair. Don’t be afraid to go really long, you’ll love it!

Try Jennifer’s look with Indique’s PURE Collection in 20 inch Wavy.

Kardashians Take Over Sears

Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian have collaborated with Sears to create a collection inspired by glam, bohemia, & rock. This compilation will range from clothing & lingerie to shoes & bags. The Kardashians have become a household name for fashion and style. Ladies, stay tune for this launch in August!

 Indique Style: Want the flowing waves of these dashing divas? Try Indiques PURE WAVY!

Indique Style: Easy & Effortless


Try something new! Give yourself a relaxed hairdo by starting your waves at cheek level. Make an “S” shaped middle part instead of the traditional straight and precise part just to soften your look. Use a medium barrel curling iron to create loose waves to provide the effortless look. Set a flexible holding spray to hold the natural bounce when your curls drop.

Achieve this effortless wave with Indique’s PURE Collection in Wavy or Clip your waves in and out with Indique’s STUDIO Collection Fishnet in Natural Wavy.


Looking for a holiday splurge? Ferragamo adds shine, glitz, and sparkle to their winter collection. These shoes are a must have that can transition into spring very nicely! Outfit idea: Pair this belt with a pair of skinny stonewashed jeans and add this not so simple clutch to add flair to your outfit.Indique’s Pure Wavy is essential in completing this effortless look! 

Indique Style: The Perfect Wave

 Jump start your Holiday look with Indique’s PURE collection in Wavy!

Check out these quick and easy tips to achieve that look:

Twist sections of hair between your thumbs and forefinger;

 Wrap the twists around a curling iron;

After curling each section, spritz some holding spray.       

For more information about our products, visit indiquehair.com

Indique Style: The Messy Chignon!



The secret to this look is avoiding perfection, by any means necessary!

This style is easily attainable. Add a touch of texture with our Wavy hair from the PURE Collection! 

Don’t forget: Pull your strands out loosely around the nape, for a tousled romantic look.

Fashion Moment: The Need for Knit!



In our younger years, chunky knits were a painful inconvenience. My, how the times have changed! We can’t get enough of these comfy staples to add to our collection!  

The chunkier, the better and make sure to team with a steamy Vanilla Chai Latte! Yummy!  

To replicate this look, pair with Straight or Wavy hair from our PURE collection.