Made in America Recap!

The Made in America Music Festival was a huge success! It drew a crowd of 45,000+ that came to support the United Way and the Philadelphia Public Schools! Jay-Z, Kayne West, Pearl Jam, Jill Scott, and more, performed during this two-day festival. The crowd, very diverse, was packed with music enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, and people that just wanted to rock out to RUN DMC! Indique was there in full attendance sporting amazing hair textures such as PURE Wavy, BOUNCE Coil Curl, and the much anticipated BOUNCE Organic Curl. Check out a sneak peak of photos below.

New Indique Friends Join the Fun Above!

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Indique QUEENS loves Khabirah Osayame!

Khabirah Osayame has a cute blog that demonstrates her work as a innovative and fashion forward hair stylist. Lucky for us, Khabirah loves Indique Hair and flaunts BOUNCE Coil Curl and PURE Wavy throughout her page. Khabirah created a custom wig with three tubes of coil curl and had a traditional weave in with her PURE Wavy. Check out Khabirah website We love Khabirah’s style!

Vacation Hair: Curls, Waves, & Bikini's Oh My!

With the last month of summer approaching we’re sure lots of vaycays are on the way.  We love effortless textured hair that allows you to focus on having a great time instead of fussing with your hair.  We’ve come up with some great hair ideas that are sure to fit any trip.  For an easy going curly mane like Beyonce’s try Bounce Coil Curl.


Nothing compliments a bikini like accessories try pairing our Bikini texture with a nice scarf for added WOW factor on the beach.

For a care-free and cool night out try an undone high bun and go!


Kelly Rowlands Curls

Kelly Rowland always looks great and has sported many looks from long to short and bangs to center part but I must say my favorite texture on her is the curly. Kelly rocked her hair straight with bangs for most of 2011 so it’s very refreshing to see the Curly look that blends effortlessly with her natural texture and from her smile in the pictures above I think she’s really feeling it too. Achieve Kelly Rowland curly tresses with Indique Bounce Coil Curl in 10” and 14”.
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Get the Tracee Ellis Ross Look!

Hi ladies, so we have been receiving tons of questions on how to achieve the “Tracee Ellis Ross” look. She is known for the two looks below:

This look can be achieved with Indique Hair’s PURE Curly. If you blow dry your hair and apply sponge rollers at night, the next morning you will have this effortless look. You can also have your stylist do a “wash & set” to get the same look.

This iconic look can be achieved with the BOUNCE collection Coil Curl. Simply allow your hair to air dry and finger tease the curls into the shape that you want. You can also use an Amika Clip Free Curler and get the first look by taking sections of your hair and twirling it. The BOUNCE Coil Curl will give you both of Tracee’s looks!