Bey Courtside


This past weekend all the stars came out for All Star Weekend in Los Angeles and Beyonce definitely did not disappoint. She sat courtside with her super glam Farrah Fawcett-esque hair.

Want Bey’s look?

 Center part your hair;

 Spritz a light and flexible holding spray;

Roller Set it (if your short on time, use a large barrel curling iron);

 Lastly, Flip your hair upside down to loosen curls.

Indique Style: The Grammy's + The Middle Part


Was it just us or did you notice the great deal of middle parts at this year’s Grammy’s? Celebs such as Jennifer Hudson, Kim K. and Jada Pinkett Smith all rocked the middle part. Besides the Grammy’s isn’t as formal as the Oscars and all of the updos that come along with it. The celebs let their hair down letting their easy breezy hair compliment all the glitz and glam.

On one of those nights when you’re looking super glamorous try to counter your outfit with a simple sleek middle part. Instead of the focus being on particular parts of your look it’ll be all on you!


Indique Style: The Epitome of Curls


The Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 the other night was nothing less than entertaining! Without a doubt the ladies hashed out some issues and even gave us a little history lesson; thanks to Phaedra of course. Nevertheless other than their amazing shoe game we just couldn’t keep our eyes off of one thing! That is… Sheree’s hair. Absolutely loved it. Never seen her with such a glamorous look and she worked it!

Have Indique’s BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl or PURE Collection Curly? Kick it up a notch by barrel curling your entire head with a small curling iron.

Beauty Moment: Airy Lightness Matte Texture


Spun cotton candy and airy clouds? Who would’ve thought those words would be describing hair? As seen on Calvin Klein’s and Karen Walkers spring/summer 2011 collection runways matte texture is in! There was a time where intentionally dulling down your gloss was unthinkable but now it’s the new hair craze. Doesn’t hurt to give the sexy matte look a try.

Apply Davine’s N* 13 Mat Forming Ground to dry strands for a textured look with a sexy matte finish!


Indique Style: The Hair Hump Makes a Come-Back


The Hump took a bit of a break but now it’s back and even more glamorous. Stars like Eva Mendes, and Emma Stone are adding lift to their locks for fab events and you can get the look too!

Want to achieve this stunning style? Follow these quick steps:

  •  Spritz volumizer all over your damp hair.
  • Give your hair extra body by drying it upside down.
  • Make a part at the center of your head from ear to ear.
  • Tease the part line and crown and set with hairspray.


Need a little extra hair to tease? Try Indique’s STUDIO Collection Fishnet!



Indique Style: Effortless Beauty

Anyone spot Zoe Kravitz’s in Eleven Paris Spring 2011 Campaign? Daughter of Rockstar Lenny Kravitz and Actress Lisa Bonet shows that sometimes looking amazing is simply effortless. She’s definitely rocking a shag look with all the right layers.

Try this wake-up and go look with Indique’s Bounce Collection’s Relaxed Straight in 10 inches. Have your stylist cut short layers and a long bang, you’ll feel like a rockstar in no time!

Indique Style: Romantic Curls


Date night never looked better! Give romantic curls a try and take your lustrous length to the next level.

Country sensation Taylor Swift’s go to look is a head full of romantic curls. Long layers add extra dimension to your curls and shape your face. With a medium- sized curling iron create loose curls at the ends. Don’t have time for the curling iron?

Try Indique’s BOUNCE Collection in Coil Curl or Indique’s PURE Collection in Curly


Indique Style: Easy & Effortless


Try something new! Give yourself a relaxed hairdo by starting your waves at cheek level. Make an “S” shaped middle part instead of the traditional straight and precise part just to soften your look. Use a medium barrel curling iron to create loose waves to provide the effortless look. Set a flexible holding spray to hold the natural bounce when your curls drop.

Achieve this effortless wave with Indique’s PURE Collection in Wavy or Clip your waves in and out with Indique’s STUDIO Collection Fishnet in Natural Wavy.

Indique Style: Sleek & Polished

Play up your center part with a sleek and polished look. Blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush and then straighten your strands using a flat iron. Sometimes it can be difficult creating that perfect middle part so this tip should do the job: Use the bridge of your nose as a guide to make sure you’re in the center then, us a fine tooth comb to precisely make your middle part.

To get this look try Indique’s HYSTERIA Collection in 10 inches.



Indique Style: The Fabulous Fishtail!


This style would be great with PURE Straight or BOUNCE Deep Wave!

1. Separate hair into two equal sections at the back of the head. Fishtail braiding requires only two sections (not three, like a classic or French braid).

2. Use your index fingers to pull out a half-inch section of hair from the area near the base of your ear on the right section of your head. Cross it over to the left section. (It’s important to pull sections from undernea th when you cross over to get that scaly look.)

3. Repeat with a half-inch piece from the left section, crossing it over to the right.

 4.  Continue adding half-inch pieces until you reach the ends, and secure with an elastic. Pull on the braid a bit to loosen it. You don’t have to make it perfect the idea is for it to be too neat.

A Vogue Inspiration at Ruffian


The nail geniuses at CND never cease to amaze every Fashion Week!

The manicures the models rocked during the Ruffian runway show was inspired by a nail look from an issue of Vogue from the 1940s. Called the “Monogram Moon Manicure”, here is how you can do it yourself:

-After base, paint one coat of CND Putty

-Follow with one coat of CND Washed Down White

-Paint tip and half moon with CND Blackjack

A Parisian look, no passport needed!


Davis Factor Wants You to Take a Great Photo!

Davis Factor, renowned photographer and part of the SMASHBOX Co-Founder, knows how to take an amazing picture. Now, so do you!

Keep reading for great tips on how to look your best self in any photo. Take notes, school is in session:

 How to Love Your Body in Photos:

·    Everyone wants to look their thinnest in photos and a great tip to ensure you do is to stand slightly turned to the side. If your shoulders are perpendicular to the camera, you will look broader. Instead, try turning a bit. Once you’ve hit this position, turn your body slightly and look toward the camera tilting your head down bringing your chin toward your neck.

 ·   Also, posture is extremely important, if you stand up straight with your shoulders back, you will eliminate the possibility of having any unnecessary bulges that can make you look heavier in photos.


The Perfect Smile:

·    Many people are a little nervous about smiling. They don’t think their smile looks good, but the perfect smile is something that often needs a little practice. I tell my clients to practice a smile in the mirror until you get one that you are comfortable and confident with.

·    My favorite is a soft, light smile. This is a smile that doesn’t show as much teeth as you would when you are laughing.  It will never appear overdone or fake and will eliminate too much gum or teeth from showing.


A Few Beauty Essentials:

Before the camera flashes, take a quick second to be sure your makeup looks as good as it did when you got to the event or party. Most of the time it won’t and there are a few key products that if you use to touch up before photos are taken will make all the difference.


·    You want to make sure you are not shiny, so a great mattifying product such as a powder or gel will quickly eliminate a shiny face.


·    I tell my clients to always have gloss with them, a sheer colored gloss or lipstick will really accent a beautiful smile.


·    Reapplying a coat of mascara before photos begin will bring attention to your eyes and create a flirty look.


Most Importantly, Relax:

                   ·    The more comfortable you are, the better the photograph.
                        ·      Enjoy the moment so it shines through in the photo.
For more information on Davis Factor or Smashbox, visit