Upcoming Boutique Events This Week

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One of the most memorable moments in a women’s life is her wedding day and Indique wants you to look and feel amazing!

Are you preparing for that special day? Come into the listed Indique Boutiques to enjoy some wine and try our Studio Collection products to enhance your wedding day look. 

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Indique Boutique - Boston

Thursday, December 20, 2012: 9am-6pm

Indique Boutique - Soho

Friday, December 21, 2012: 9am-8pm

Indique Boutique - South Orange

Friday, December 21, 2012: 11am - 7pm

(closed 2pm - 3pm)

The Grecian Braided Headband

Use Indique’s Zen Straight or Pure Wavy hair to create a healthy long lasting headband. The braided acccesory is versatile, simple to create, and adds some Grecian glam. Follow these easy steps: 

1. Hold the hair and braid it from the wefted root to the ends.

2. Place the braid around your head in the desired style.

3. Pin it in place with a few hair pins.

Who knew hair could have so many different uses!

Oily Scalp Treatment

Did you know that if you have an oily scalp and use an oil based product, you will counteract your scalp from producing extra oil? The body will over produce when it feels you lack certain nutrients, so the less oil you use the more you will produce.

5 Ways to Add Flair to Your Hair

Sometimes a new look is just what we need to spruce up our look. Check out these simple 5 ways to take your hair from drab to fab:

1) Add Color: Whether it be an ever so daring ombre or subtle pop of color with highlights, changing your hair color can give your hair an instant make over.  Try asking your stylist to install a color from our Hysteria or Keratique collection.

2) Revamp Your Cut: Try applying fringe layers to your style. Angling your layers over one eye or opting for long lash sweeping bangs gives you instant sexy hair.

3) Change up Your Length: Instead of going for your normal 16” tube of Pure Wavy take a plunge and try the 20.” Elongating your hair length will give you a new look without any commitment to color or change in texture. On the opposite end if you always go for longer hair try a mid length or short bob to quickly change up your normal look.

 4) Layer Your Mane: Layers create movements and nothing draws attention to your hair like body; create your own wind ladies!

5) Straighten it Out: Straight hair that looks healthy and well maintained always turns head. Try using our Zen Straight texture a dime size amount of our Argan Oil Moisturizer and a durable flat iron. If you always opt for big body waves or curls, going straight will help to draw attention to your facial features and will also complement that great new eye shadow or lipstick you’ve been dying to break out.

Then and Now is more than an Instagram trend, try adding some flair to your Indique hair and tweet us a photo!

Diy Homemade Deep conditioner

Using nutrient rich, deep conditioning treatments are great for adding moisture and maintaing healthy hair. If your hair is prone to breakage, here is a great recipe for a deep conditioning hair parfait.

Mix in a bowl:
1- Cup of Plain Low Fat Yogurt
1- Banana

1- Egg

2 tbsp. of Castor Oil

Once all of the ingredients are combined, coat the hair with the creamy mixture from scalp to ends, and let the condtioner sit for 30-35 minutes. For a deeper penetration, wrap your head with a warm towel or a plastic heating cap.

For more hair treatment recipes click HERE!

Style Survey: Indique Boston

The girls at Indique Boston share the best tips they’ve gotten for keeping their hair healthy and beautiful.


“To keep hair shiny and color lasting longer, wash your hair in cooler water and blast it with ice cold water right before you get out of the shower.”

“I also use biosilk religiously especially after I shower. I let my hair air dry for about 10 minutes then apply the oil halfway down my hair avoiding the roots and let it sit then blow dry and style as normal.”


I read somewhere that it’s actually best to condition your hair first and shampoo it after. Most people do it the other way around, but it makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your hair.”

“A lot of times the conditioner may not be completely washed out so shampooing afterwards ensures that all traces of product and any residue is removed. My hair is much more silky, shiny and manageable when I do this, and I get much less oil buildup between washes.”


“I use Aquage products for my hair. My favorite is the Uplifting Foam to make my fine hair look extra full. It’s easy to use and doesn’t weigh down my hair. Afterwards I use their finishing spray, which is more of a light mist, to add shine. 

Twist & Pin

Here is an easy way to look chic and elegant with minimal effort, its’ been dubbed the ‘twist and pin’ by hairstylists and can be worn to the office or out for cocktails with the girls.

Try this look with PURE Straight for a sleek look or with BOUNCE Beach Wave for something that has a little more movement!

DIY: Messy Chignon

Here’s a pretty updo to try this week.  Just gather small pieces of hair at the nape of your neck, twist, and pin into little spirals to create this messy chignon.

Tres’ Chic!

Part ways with your everyday look…

Feeling a little bored with your look? Easily update it by making one simple change,

Your part!


If you normally part your hair to the one side, try parting it to the other or in the center.

On the other hand, if you typically go for a center part, try parting to the side.

You’d be surprised what a difference this small change can make. 

Your “new” look will feel so refreshing.

Effortless Waves!

Hit the snooze button and let yourself sleep in today, all you need in a little evening prep work and BOOM! – sexy “slept-in” waves with no effort at all.

Wash your hair in the evening and when hair has dried to slightly damp tie it up in a high ponytail. Twist ponytail and wrap in a bun, secure with another hair tie. Let your hair air dry over night and take it down in the morning. Set your waves with some hairspray and go!

Wella Styles the 63rd Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011 Hollywood’s elite descended on the red carpet at for the 63rd Annual Prime Time Emmy awards. Starlets Emily Blunt, Heather Morris, Gretchen Mol, Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough had their locks styled using Wella Professionals. Here’s how their stylists created the look for their big night:
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Stay Classic with a Ponytail!

One of the latest trends this upcoming fall season is a classic ponytail.

This look is not only sleek, but easy to achieve!

Use a spray gel to keep those fly-aways in tact while using a comb to smooth it all down.

If you’re lacking the length to pull off this look, try one of our clip-in ponytails from the Studio Collection for instant va-va- voom!

Born to Dance Style Tip #2

Laurieann Gibson’s hair on Born to Dance is as important as the choreography! Celebrity stylist Karim Odoms will be sharing his style tips on how to create beautiful, flowing hair every week.


Style Tip #2

For the BoomKack braid apply styling cream throughout the hair and using a paddle brush gather all the hair to one side. Starting at the base of the neck begin braiding loosely with the braid of your choice, either the fishtail, standard braid or a twist. Braid all the way down leaving out the ends, secure with an elastic band. Now once you’re done, you can loosen sections of the braid to provide texture and create a messy look. Take a few sections of hair around the face and wrap the hair around a barrel curling iron. Smooth curled hair into braid for the finished look!

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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Beat these Rainy days & keep those locks tamed with a funky side braid which is extremely easy to do and can go with anything!! Rihanna’s look can be achieved with a deep center part or a side sleek part!

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New DIY: Marquita Loves Indique!

Beauty Moment: Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texture Paste

The warm weather is approaching so it’s time to flaunt effortless flowing hairstyles to compliment the floral spring attire. For those of us who just can’t wait for beachy hair Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texture Paste does the job! The Surf Hair Texture Paste gives the effortless Rock-Star shag look and Spring/Summer’s hot new trend: the matte look. It gives that extra oomph of volume and a flexible hold for those of you with a curly texture.

Get the Look: Rub a dime size amount of paste between your palms, apply to slightly damp/dry hair and style. Define individual areas with your fingers.

Indique Style: J.Hud's "Where You At?"


After Jennifer Hudson revealed her amazing Weight Watchers body she’s been everywhere! Her album is on the way and she’s been promoting. J.Hud snapped some shots recently on her video set for her upcoming single “Where You At?” and she’s flaunting incredible hair. For her new video she’s rocking full luxurious waves.

Achieve J.Hud’s look with Indique’s Pure Collection in Wavy 20 inches and curl it with a large barrel curling iron!